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The Bible: Accept or Decline?

I am intrigued by Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) members who cite verses in the Holy Bible as a way to convince me that I should deny my homosexual tendencies and return to the INC. Here are two such verses:

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” (English Standard Version)

Leviticus 18:22 “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” (English Standard Version)

So if you are a gay INC member, what are you supposed to do? I think the answer lies in how strongly you feel the Holy Bible should serve as a guide in your life. If you passionately love the Iglesia and believe in the Bible, then you need to seriously rethink whether a gay existence is feasible. Can you have both the INC and a gay life? Some INC members purport that it is possible- simply go to church but don’t let the INC into your personal life. Or do you live a celibate existence, recognizing your gay tendencies but choosing not to act on them? Other members have chosen this path, perhaps because they don’t want to hurt their families or be ostracized by their friends.

While I respect both of those directions, in my opinion, religion is not a buffet bar. You cannot pick and choose your doctrines in order to make your life more convenient or palatable. Either you believe all of the doctrines in your religion, or you leave the religion. In the same vein, you cannot abide by only parts of the Holy Bible. In 2004, I made the decision that the Holy Bible would not dictate how I would live. This decision, coupled with my firm position that living an openly gay existence is just as valid as living a straight existence, helped me to finally discover spiritual peace. So whenever someone invokes 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 or Leviticus 18:22, I am not bothered by it, because my sense of morals or ethics is not bound by those verses.

To those gay INC members who are still struggling: I hope you make a decision with which you will be satisfied, because an unsatisfactory decision is simply the wrong decision.


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  1. ian gatoc
    June 2, 2014 at 8:10 am

    Im 16 and an active member of INC.Still dont know what to do. I hope GOD will help me.

  2. M
    December 20, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    I really appreciate your courage to put up this blog and share your story. I believe most gay INC members can relate and has somewhat similar situation. But yet i want to share mine:

    I am a handog, ive been born into the INC and was a very active member during childhood. Our family is a very obedient follower of the church therefore we the youngsters were influenced as well and i dont regret it coz i must say it gave me a good foundation for good moral values which i still carry upto now. However its not a secret to my parents and siblings that im different from other INC boys. Im very feminine since i can remember as a child. I guess one of the factors that led to my gayness was being dolled up by my aunts. I remember being called up by my dad telling me to fix myself that i should be more masculine i was so humiliated and frustrated at myself why i keep disappointing them. I try to be masculine but i cant do it for long i really enjoy the female company and female stuff. Then came adolescent period where i went thru identity crisis i didnt know where i fit in. I had no one to talk to, my family dont ask about me being gay i have no friends who can understand my situatoon, yet i still go to church. Then one day i finally accepted myself and knew what i wanted to be. I am gay and im gonna show the world who i am. However i dont wanna hurt my family. I met people who opened my eyes onto the world coz all my life ive been in a box restraining myself on who i really am. I am living the gay life but my family doesnt know any about my personal life. All they know is im feminine, i go to work, i go to church, i go out with friends thats it. This is where i begin to question my attendance to church coz how am i gonna go every week when im a walking contradiction to its doctrines. My family doesnt know what i feel, i dont want to tell them coz theyll be hurt or ill be hurt to hear what will they say and i know that theyll say that i should change my mind set, that im just lacking in prayers, that the devil has just got the best of me, that i just found the bad influence from my friends. I wanted to do things but its a direct contradiction to what my family and church believes. I dont wanna leave church coz it would devastate my family. They will say why now when salvation is near and the centennial celebration is near. I remember my grandparents told me, how are you? Are you crosSdressing? Dont ever do that coz if u do that you wont get to heaven! I dont know what to do i feel like a bird who wants to fly high but has a chain on its feet with a heavy weoght ball attached to it. I talk to God everutimeni feel this way, i always ask for strength to get thru this

    Now Im beginning to question the credibility of the bible with regards to its teachings about homosexuality. Does God really hate homosexuals?

    • z
      March 26, 2014 at 12:20 pm

      Hi M! I understand what you feel and I’m on the same situation as you are. I’ve been carrying this for so long and I wanted to tell them the truth. I am in a relationship right now and it hurts that I need to live a double life just to protect the feelings of my family. I’m afraid that if I told them what I feel, they wouldn’t accept me and say things like what you mentioned in your comment. I wanted to come out of the closet but I don’t know how to do it. Will I tell them that I’m gay or will I tell them first that I’m leaving the church? Either way they will be really upset and disappointed. Please can someone share their story of coming out to their parents who are active members of the church?

      Now, I’m also not sure on what to believe. All my life the only teachings and doctrines that I believe in are those inside the church. But it got me thinking if God really hates homosexuals. It just doesn’t make sense. He created me this way and now you’re saying that what I’m feeling is a sin? And don’t give me reasons like I’ve been defeated by the devil or this lifestyle is a choice and I can choose to be straight if I wanted to. No, it doesn’t work that way. I knew that I am gay since I was a little child. I just supressed what I’m feeling because we have been taught that this is wrong. Now, I choose to be happy. But I can only be truly happy if I tell my family the truth. Of course it is expected that they won’t approve any of this. That no matter what I say, they will be firm on their beliefs that this is wrong. I cannot blame them. Because it took me 24 years to fully accept who I am today. But I just hope that someday they could accept me of who I am.

  3. Icant Believeitsnotbutter
    July 2, 2013 at 12:09 am

    Understanding and pereption are important factors here, First off; when we say Gay or Lesbian etc… we are catagorizing a spirit that has chosen not to label itself as a duality or choose a sex to be; I know this may be hard to comprehend but we as spirit with a body ( not the other way around), does not have a gender spicfic pole. It can choose to manifest itself from light energy to Physical energy and then live in that expierience until the body itself becomes weak and transmutes back into light energy ( enlightenment). Love on the other hand is best if the two are truly in love with one another and it does not matter if it is a man or a woman or chooses to dress like a man or woman; Its love is in alignment and in a far better place than a hetro-sexual couple with no love having sex which is just Mutual Masturbation; Society tends to think everything is wrong if something is not normal; but it is just perception and a church that defines itself against this is missing the biggest important factor and that is “God is Infinate Love”; You can not make it mad, you can’t dissapoint it and you definately cannot make it jealous or vengful as Infinate love is just that. The universe will bring two souls togeather to create an ultimate love and that is what is fought for over Dark age teachings..Man is infalliable but gods reasonings aren’t….Bless you all and Namaste

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